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How to Play MP3's on Tracfone Cell Phones

How to Use the MP3 Player on a Tracfone to Listen to Music

Many of Tracfone's newer prepaid cell phones have an mp3 player as one of the features. But for a lot of people, learning how to put the mp3's on the phone and play them, can be a challenge.

So we want to share a quick guide to loading mp3's on Tracfone cell phones, and then playing them.

Step One - What You Need to Play MP3's

4gb micro sd card sandisk
4 GB Micro SD Card
First of all, you need to have a phone with an mp3 player. Most of Tracfone's newer phones, going back to the likes of the LG 500G, have an mp3 player.

If you go to the 'Menu' and there is a 'My Folder' or 'Music' tile, then you probably have a phone with an mp3 player. You can also check your phone on the Tracfone website and look at the specs list to see if it includes an mp3 player. (the LG 840G comes with an mp3 player, and a 2GB Micro SD card)

Once you have confirmed this, the next thing you need is a MicroSD card. If you already have one, usually 1GB-8GB, then you are all set. If you don't have a MicroSD card, they are very cheap, and can be purchased from any electronic stores, or check out Amazon's selection of MicroSD cards.

Step Two - Load the Micro SD card with MP3's

Time to put your favorite music or other files onto the MicroSD card. There are several ways to do this, but on of the easier ways is to simply put it into an SD adapter, and then plug that into your computer.

Next, find the MicroSD card on your computer and transfer the music files to the card.

If your music is not in mp3 format, use a program (there are lots of options, just search mp3 converter on Google!) to convert your files to mp3 format.

On a side note, there are some programs and even websites that will convert YouTube videos to mp3 files.

Step Three - Put the Card into the Phone

LG 500g back cover and battery removed
An LG 500G - Notice the Location of the Micro SD card behind
the battery, next to the SIM card
This step can be a little tricky, because the location of the Micro SD card on most Tracfone's is hard to get to.

To find where to put the Micro SD card, take the back cover off your phone, and then take the battery out. For most Tracfone's, the Micro SD card goes behind the battery, in a small metal holder. Push the metal holder one way or the other, and it should pop open, allowing you to slide the Micro SD into place. Return the battery and cover to their normal position.

Other Tracfone mobile phones have a Micro SD slot on the side or bottom of the phone, so look around on your phone to find the location.

Step Four - Finding and Playing your Music

Now all you need to do is go to your "Folder' or 'Music' on some phones, and select "Memory Card' or similar name, and all your mp3's should display in a list, ready for you to listen to!

Some Tracfone's are different, so if these steps don't work for you, try looking up specific directions for your phone, or leave a comment below with any questions.

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