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What Makes Tracfone One of the Best Prepaid Cell Phone Companies?

What Makes Tracfone a Good Prepaid Mobile Phone Company?

There are plenty of prepaid cell phone service providers in the US to choose from. Companies like MetroPCS and Straight Talk. But what is it that sets Tracfone apart, and makes them the most popular?

1. Tracfone Was One of the First

Tracfone has been around since 1996, although under a different name, and since 2000 under their current name. While this might not seem like much time, only 13 years, it is longer than most other prepaid mobile phone companies. 

In fact, Tracfone has been around long enough to create its own spin off companies, such as Net10 and Straight Talk. 

In the end, Tracfone's relatively long life gives it an edge on the competition both in the way that consumers are more aware of the brand, and in experience gained over the last decade.

2. Tracfone Offers Flexibility

When buying airtime for a Tracfone cell phone, there are plenty of options to suit the majority of consumers. Need only a small number of minutes and 90 days of service? They've got that covered for $20. Want a lot more airtime? Options are available. 

Don't want to be worried about buying airtime for your phone each time you run low? Sign up for their monthly value plan. 

As you can see, there are more than enough options for customers to choose from. This has made Tracfone stand out to a very wide variety of people, from the average cell phone user, to those who just need a backup phone.

With this flexibility, Tracfone still manages to keep costs low.

3. Tracfone Keeps Their Prices Very Low

One of the biggest reasons, if not the biggest reason, why Tracfone is one of the best prepaid cell phone companies, is its very low costs.

If you were to buy a cell phone and service contract from a major cell phone provider  it would not only cost you hundreds initially, it would cost you close to a hundred dollars every month! 

Not so with Tracfone. A cell phone and airtime card can be purchased for around $30 total, and better phones only cost as much as $50. 

Airtime prices tend to give you more for your money the higher value you buy. For example, Buying a 450 minute card is cheaper per minute compared to a 60 minute card,

And the Family Value Plan is one of the cheapest options by far! 

So, what can be learned from Tracfone's success in this? They are a company that understand what customers want, and they try to give it to them.

Go check out our reviews of Tracfone cell phones to learn more about the options available.

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