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Resources for Technical Questions about Tracfone

Got a Difficult Question about your Prepaid Phone from Tracfone?

With many of Tracfone's newer phones coming with features such as WiFi, the opportunity for challenging technical questions arises. With that in mind then, I want to share some resources for getting answers to questions about Tracfone cell phones and service.
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Resources for getting answers

By far, the best way might be to just call the Tracfone customer help line.

While some people complain about Tracfone's customer service, for the majority of users, it works just fine. It might take 20 minutes and you might be talking with a non native English speaker, but they are working hard to improve their customer service rating.

To get the contact information for Tracfone, simply visit their website, Tracfone.com.

And, if you don't want to talk on the phone, submitting a question or complaint through their website's form is easy to do, and results in a response within a few days.

Other Options for Getting Your Questions Answered

Obviously, another option for when you might have a question about Tracfone is to simply ask it here on de9w2dsl. Either our small administrative team will get to it, or sometimes other readers have the answer as well.

Finally, another really good resource are the many cell phone forums that usually have a section specifically for Tracfone or general prepaid cell phone questions. One such forum, called HowardForums, has a large base of users who tend to be very helpful and informative.

So if you have a question, use one of these methods to get an answer! 

Visit our Cell Phone Reviews page, if you have questions about specific phones form Tracfone.

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