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Summer Savings - Phone Deals for Tracfone

Deals, Discounts and Sales on Tracfone Devices - June 2014

tracfone phone deals
Summer Savings with Tracfone
Listed below are a collection of deals and sales on Tracfone cell phones from around the internet. We try to find the lowest prices, and best deals, and share them with you here!

Tracfone Wireless is a prepaid cell phone company that provides low cost phones and service. But you can get the phones for even less if you are willing to shop around and keep an eye out for discounts.

Today we will highlight some of the better deals found around the internet, saving you the time of searching around.

Remember that these deals do sometimes go away fast, so there is no guarantee the deals listed here are still available. Let us know if we need to update the list, or if you find other great deals available!

Now take a look at the summer deals for Tracfone devices.

5 Big Summer Deals on Tracfone Cell Phones

This list contains 5 great deals from around the web. Some of these deals include minutes bundled with phones, and others are just for the phones, so be sure to read the full information.

1. LG Optimus Dynamic for $20 (Amazon)

tracfone sales discounts deals
LG Optimus Dynamic
The Details: The LG Optimus Dynamic is a Android powered smartphone that comes with Triple Minutes and uses the new three bucket system for Talk/Text/Data.

This phone comes with a lot of features including WiFi, 3.2" touchscreen, 3mp camera, Android 2.3 and more. Read our review of the LG Optimus Dynamic to learn more about the phone, and see what others are thinking.

The LG Optimus Dynamic does have a smaller on board memory capacity, so if you plan to use a lot of apps this might not be the phone for you, but it does come with a ton of features and a price that can't be beat!

2. ZTE Valet with 600 Minutes for $55 (Amazon)

The Details: The ZTE Valet is another Android smartphone from Tracfone with a big list of features including WiFi, Android 4.1, 3.5" touchscreen, 3mp camera, Triple minutes and much more.

The Valet is one of Tracfone's more popular Androids, although some users have experienced issues with WiFi connections. Check out our ZTE Valet Review to see all the features, and comments from users.

The ZTE Valet retails on Tracfone for $99 but this deal includes the Valet PLUS 600 minutes (a $40 value) for $55. If you're looking for a smartphone and could use the minutes, this is a great deal for you.

3. LG Optimus Dynamic II for $85 (eBay)

tracfone discount deals
LG Optimus Dynamic II
The Details: With the largest touchscreen, the LG Optimus Dynamic II is probably the best Android phone currently offered by Tracfone. It certainly is a upgrade from the original Dynamic.

The Optimus Dynamic II comes with Android 4.1, a 3.8" touchscreen, WiFi, Triple Minutes, 3mp camera and plenty more. See all the features and details by visiting our Review of the LG Optimus Dynamic II.

At $85, the LG Optimus Dynamic II is not the cheapest phone. But it retails on Tracfone for $130, and $85 is the lowest we've seen around for this solid phone.

4. LG Optimus Dynamic II plus 1200 minutes for $110 (HSN)

The Details: As mentioned in the deal above, the LG Optimus Dynamic is a great Android device. And if you're looking for some minutes along with a new cell phone, this is a pretty good deal.

You get the LG Optimus Dynamic II along with 1200 minutes (a $100 value) for just $110 (plus $10 for shipping).

5. Moto EX431G for $8 (Amazon)

The Details: We will be honest here, this is a simple phone that doesn't have WiFi or Android. But it does have Triple Minutes for Life and does texting and talking just fine.

If you still have a double minutes phone, this is a great option to upgrade to because it is so inexpensive. For just $8 you can get all the minutes you add Tripled instead of Doubled.

If you're looking for a cheap touchscreen phone with Triple Minutes, the LG 800G is an option at just $10 on Amazon.

The Moto EX431G has two versions, one with Triple Minutes and another with Double Minutes, so make sure you buy the correct phone. The link above goes to the Triple Minute version.

We hope these deals help you save some money if you're looking for a new phone. Leave a comment with any thoughts or questions!

Visit our new Tracfone BYOP page to learn about bringing your own phone to Tracfone, and see our list of compatible phones.

And don't forget about our Tracfone Promo Code list which has been updated for the summer!

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