Senin, 02 Juni 2014

iOS 8...A Preview.

Are you comfortable with iOS 7 yet?  If not, lets hope you get there, and quick!  Because iOS 8 is right around the corner!  On Monday during the Keynote of the WWDC Apple gave us a preview of the fantastic things coming our way this fall in iOS 8, and there are many!

Among the features that have me most stoked, are the awesome features that allow Apps to share data, or what I will refer to the Unification of your Apple technology.  Imagine you are in your home office, located on the lower level of your house.  Your iPhone is upstairs in your bedroom.  iPhone rings, and so does your iMac!  That's right, your Mac's (running Yosemite) will have the ability to answer calls from your iPhone!  Whoa, want to run that by me again fella??  You read correctly.  Oh, and did I mention that your iPad can answer that call coming into the iPhone as well?  There are some caveats to the above, your devices need to be on the same wireless network for that incredible feature to work.  You'll also be able to start an email on your Mac, and finish it on your iOS device, or vice versa, very cool indeed.  One of my favorite new features is iCloud Drive.  Apple's looooong overdue attempt to bring iCloud to the mainstream user.  iCloud Drive will add many new Dropbox/Google Drive like features.  For starters you'll be able to upload any file type to your iCloud Drive, and you can do it easily on your Mac using Finder!  Apple didn't announce an iCloud Drive app for the iPhone or iPad, but I can't imagine it's far behind.  For now, on your iPhone or iPad you'll have to go into the App the uses the particular file to open it.

Within iMessage, Apple has revealed a new push-to-talk, as well as push-to-video feature that's akin to those same services within the very popular WhatsApp and the Voxer App.  

There's interactive Notifications, which from the looks of it will be very useful.  If you get a message while you are creating a presentation in Keynote, and don't feel like going to the Messages app, you'll be able to reply directly from the Message Notification, that is cool!

There are some great updates to the Mail app, as well as Spotlight Search that I think you'll find incredibly useful

There's also a new native feature on the iOS keyboard that Apple is calling QuickType, that uses "language models" to predict words before they are typed.  How long till an App can type what I'm thinking!!  Yikes I bet that's not too far off my friends...:).  

There's a new feature called Mark-Up, which is an extension to both Mail and Safari that let's you edit attachments by drawing on them.  I'll wait to make any judgements till I use this feature.  

Here's another great feature that should help in your everyday life.  Perhaps not right away, but definitely in the long haul, Apple's new HealthKit App.  Consider it a one stop shop for all your health data that other Apps currently collect, like Jawbone's UP.  Apple has teamed up with key partners, including Mayo Clinic to help you keep track of measurements that matter most to you.  

Lastly (for now), Siri has even gotten smarter.  This is a good thing, because I've started to use Google's Now feature (found in the Google App) on my iPhone because I've found it works far better than Siri.

There will be plenty more to information on iOS 8 in the coming months prior to it's eventual release (early fall 2014).  I'd love to hear from you as to the features you are most excited about.

Until next time, best to you and your devices!

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