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Tracfone - 2013 in Review

A Look Back at some big Things that Happened with Tracfone in 2013

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Happy New Year Everyone!
2014 is here and there is a lot to be excited about. But lets take a quick look back at some of the things that came out in 2013 for Tracfone. It was a very exciting year, and you might have missed some of the big news and phones that showed up.

Plus, many of the things that happened in 2013 may have a big affect on what's in store for 2014 from Tracfone, so here we go!

Beginning of 2013 - LG 840G Gains Popularity

While the LG 840G was actually released in 2012, it saw a huge rise to Tracfone'a most popular cell phone in the first half of 2013. The touchscreen combined with WiFi, Triple Minutes for Life, access to Google Maps and many other nice features made it a great phone to upgrade to for many longtime Tracfone users.

It was a step up from most other basic flip phones and allowed Tracfone customers to get a taste of the potential a smartphone could have. But the LG 840G wasn't quite a smartphone, with no access to popular apps like Apple or Android phones had.

But the phone's success may have helped encourage Tracfone towards what became one of the biggest news stories for Tracfone in 2013.

Two Words: Android Smartphone

Tracfone android smartphone
Tracfone's Current Smartphones
By far, the biggest news for Tracfone in 2013 was the release of Android Smartphones for use on the Tracfone prepaid wireless network.

Rumors started filtering in around early summer, about the possibility of four Android powered phones coming to Tracfone. Many held their breath to see if this would actually become a reality, because the lack of a Tracfone smartphone had long been one of its disadvantages.

Around mid 2013, the rumors became truth as the Samsung Galaxy Centura and ZTE Valet were the first Android Smartphones to show up in stores on on the Tracfone website for use on their prepaid network.

Not long after this, two more smartphones also showed up, the LG Optimus Dynamic, and the Huawei Glory. While these phones are not the newest smartphones on the market, they are all Android smartphones, offering access to Android apps and features that Tracfone users had never had access to before.

Something of a 'new age' was ushered in with these smartphones, because up until this point, Tracfone was really only seen as a no frills, budget cell phone service provider. But now, they still have the prepaid, wallet-friendly cell phone service but with feature-rich smartphones that leave the consumer with no sacrifices made.

While using a smartphone with Tracfone prepaid service isn't for everyone, and not all Tracfone customers were jumping at the chance to buy one of these new phones, it was a great step forward and a big change for Tracfone in 2013.

A Piece of News that May Have Flown in Under the Radar

One bit of news that came out at the end of 2013 may have one of the biggest impacts on consumers going forward.

Tracfone announced that anyone can now bring their own cell phone to use with Tracfone prepaid service. So instead of being forced to use one of the phones Tracfone sells, you can choose your own, and then sign up for Tracfone service.

There are some limitations at this time. Only CDMA cell phones are being accepted at this time, and no iPhones. You will want to check and make sure you can bring your phone to Tracfone before actually making the switch. You can do that on their website. Visit the link above if you need more information.

2013 has been fun, and we've seen some big things happening. But 2014 may prove to be even more eventful, with the high possibility of more smartphones coming to Tracfone.

What to Expect from de9w2dsl in 2014

We are excited for 2014, and we are making plans to provide more information and better resources for you, our valued visitors. We will also be working hard at keeping the Tracfone Promo Codes that everyone loves updated for each month.

What do you want to know more about? Now is your chance, leave a comment with what questions you want to see answered, or what articles you would want to read!

We are going to continue providing reviews of Tracfone cell phones as they come out, and other informative articles that will help you save money, learn more, and get the most out of Tracfone.

We will also try to keep you posted on the latest news and updates from Tracfone as we learn more about many new and exciting possibilities. So stay tuned!

Thanks for visiting, and for making 2013 a great year for de9w2dsl blog, stick around, because 2014 will be even better! Happy New Year!

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