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How to Install Google Maps on the LG 840G from Tracfone

How to Get Google Maps on your LG 840G

For some, loading Google Maps onto the LG 840G is a simple thing, for others, for some reason it is a challenge and I have noticed a few questions, so I wanted to share some information and resources for getting Google Maps installed on a LG 840G.

I could copy and paste the information I found from elsewhere, but It is better to get it from the source, so you can read all the information about it. So I will link you to the forum with all the information you should need to load the Google Maps app on your LG 840G.

A visitor commented below with another, possibly easier method for getting Google Maps:

Go to boostapps.com/jump and enter 6944 to get the Google signed version of Google Maps 2.3.2. It'll load from the .jad. (from Anonymous)

If that works for you, then great, otherwise, here is another method below. Comment with any results or questions and we will try to help!

Let's get right to it.

1. Visit the forum post at Howard Forums detailing how to get the Google Maps app on an LG 840G

2. Then follow the information provided, including reading the posts on the second forum, Turk Forums.

3. As the post at Howard Forums recommends, read the information provided at Turk Forums, especially starting at post #887, which is 3/4 down the page. (posts are numbered at the top right corner of each post).

If you have questions or comments, leave em below or if they are more technical, try Howard Forums, where there is a large dedicated group of Tracfone users.

Want more info on the LG 840G? Read our LG 840G review!

Leave your thoughts and questions below, as well as any tips for downloading Google Maps or other great apps to the LG 840G.

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