Kamis, 07 November 2013

MUST read for those of you purchasing a Cellular iPad Air and iPad Mini...

So I went through a rather painful experience with a customer yesterday that I hope those of you reading this blog, and purchasing a new Cellular version of either iPad can benefit from.  My customer purchased a new AT&T Cellular iPad Air from an Apple Store.   Should have been a seamless process.  Open the iPad, set it up, then set up the cellular connection with AT&T.  The first part was seamless.  However when we went to setup her cellular account, we found the SIM card included with the device, was not active.  Now that wouldn't have been so bad if all we had to do was call AT&T and have them activate it.  But that was NOT the case at all.  We called AT&T only to find out that we would have to either go to an AT&T store to obtain a working SIM card, or they could ship one to us.   The point of going to the Apple store is for convenience.  It is supposed to be a one stop shop, now to find out that for purposes of purchasing Cellular iPads that is NOT the case at all, and nowhere is this advertised by the way, is a bit disturbing!  Now, if you purchase a cellular iPad at the Apple Store, you have two choices, either go to the carrier store after and get an active SIM, or call the carrier and have them overnight one to you.  A ridiculous process!  So here's the rest of what we went through. Next, I spent over 30 minutes with AT&T, was sent to three different consultants, the last one, that goodness was very good, and was able to help us, and smartly had a new SIM shipped out overnight at no cost to the customer.  Thank you AT&T for that.   Also found out that if you sign up for a two year contract with you cellular iPad, AT&T will give you $100 dollars off your service.

So, lesson learned the hard way.  If you are going to be purchasing a Cellular version of the iPad Air or iPad Mini, your best bet is to do it, sadly at the carrier of your choice.  If you are purchasing the Wi-Fi only version, the Apple Store is still the place to go for that...then have me do the set up for you!

I hope this quick little blog helps you avoid what happened to my customer.  Because no one has time to waste, especially for something like this!

Until next time, best to you and your devices...

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