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Tracfone Cell Phone Deals in September

Great Deals on Tracfone Cell Phones

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cheap prepaid cell phone
We Found Some Great Deals to Share!
Here we will share some of the latest deals we have found around the internet to help you get the best deal on a new Tracfone cell phone!

Tracfone is a prepaid wireless cell phone company that offers cheap cell phones and service. It is great for low use cell phone users, those on a tight budget, or as a backup phone.

Below you will find some of the best deals and cheapest Tracfone cell phones - maybe time for an upgrade or a backup phone!

Cheapest Tracfone Cell Phones - September 2013

It is important to note that prices change often, so sometimes a deal will disappear overnight. You have to move fast if you want to get the deal. Also be aware that there are often lots of deals going on, so if you miss out on buying a phone for cheap, keep looking and you might find another great deal.

Reconditioned LG 840G and LG 800G for $10/$5:
This deal comes from the Tracfone website (in the 'shop for phones' area) where you can get a reconditioned LG 840G for just $10. You can also get an LG 800G for only $5. While we don't have much experience with reconditioned phones and how well they will perform, this is a deal worth taking a risk on, and you can always get Tracfone to send you another phone if the one you buy doesn't work properly. Both phones come with the great feature of Triple Minutes for Life. You can read our reviews of the LG 840G and LG 800G.

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Tracfone Deals on Amazon:
There are lots of deals on Amazon (and lots of not so great deals) so here are some we found recently:

White LG 840G with 1200 minutes (400 min/1 year card) for $99. This is a great deal because you basically get the phone for free! The 400/1 year card usually retails for $99 by itself.

Samsung S390G going for just $20 (and free shipping on orders over $25). This is a great phone for texting and even surfing the web on the included WiFi. It usually retails for closer to $40-50. You can check out our review of the Samsung S390G to learn more.

LG 800G with 1 year of service/600 minutes (200 minute card) for $40! This would make a great emergency or backup phone. A 200 minute card (and only 90 days of service) usually retails for $40, making the LG 800G free! Plus you get a full year of service.

Two more Places to Check for Great Deals:
While we haven't found and deals at the time of writing this, there are two more websites well worth shopping if you are looking for the cheapest and best Tracfone Cell Phone. and often have real bargains going on. So be sure to swing by the sites when shopping for a new phone.

We hope you found a great deal from the websites we listed above. Leave a comment with any other deals you have found, or questions you might have.

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