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Cheap Prepaid Phone Plans From Tracfone

Cheap Cell Phone Service Plans from Tracfone

Most Tracfone users buy the prepaid refill cards from Tracfone to add minute to their phone, which is a great deal, but there is another way to get cheap cell phone service from Tracfone without worrying about when your service will expire.

cheapest prepaid service plan
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Tracfone offers a value plan that gives you a certain number of minutes each month, and 30 service days. Every month your phone is automatically refilled with minutes and service days, and you are billed.

It is very convenient if you wish to avoid the hassle of adding a prepaid phone card, but still want a cheap prepaid service plan. The value plan from Tracfone is one of the cheapest prepaid cell phone plans we have ever found.

Tracfone also offers a special Family Value Plan, which is great if you have several phones in your family. Learn all about the family value plan, including how to set it up, by visiting our post covering it; How to Set Up the Family Value Plan.

But for those with just one Tracfone, keep reading to learn how the value plan can benefit you!

How to Join the Tracfone Value Plan and Whether or Not You Should

The two questions one might ask now are, 'Should I get the Tracfone Value Plan?' and 'How do I set it up?'. We will answer both questions!

Let's start with how to get possibly the cheapest prepaid plan in existence - the Tracfone Value Plan.

cheapest prepaid cell phone plan
How to Join the Tracfone Value Plan!
Step #1 - To join the value plan, simple visit this link to the value plans offered by Tracfone.

Step #2 - If you don't already have an account at the Tracfone website, you will need to make one. Otherwise you can simply sign in, and follow the steps.

Step #3 - You will have the choice of several different plans Tracfone offers. If you are a low cell phone user (you don't use your phone much) then the cheapest option might be best for you, which is 50 minutes every month, plus service for that month, for $10! They also offer plans with 125 minutes and 200 minutes per month.

Remember, if you have a cell phone with double or triple minutes, your minutes from the Value Plan will be doubled or tripled! So with a triple minute phone, the 50 minute cheapest plan will give you 150 minutes per month!

Step #4 - Once you choose the plan that is right for you, continue and checkout. You should receive your minutes within the next few days, and every month, on that day, you will receive your new minutes and service days. You will also automatically be billed for the minutes and service days.

That's it, you are now set up to automatically receive minutes and service days from Tracfone with one of the cheapest prepaid plans around!

A couple of points to add, in order to clear up any questions you might have, are:
- Any minutes you already have on your phone, you still keep. Minutes and service days from the value plan are merely added to your existing amount.
- Minutes from one month roll over to the next! In other words, if you don't use all your minutes, when you get more minutes the next month, they will all be added together.
- Any other questions, ask them in the comments!

Now you might be asking, who should sign up for the Tracfone Value Plan?

The value plan is very convenient, but it is not for everyone. Here are some questions to ask yourself if you are thinking about joining Tracfone's value plan:

Is keeping track of, and adding refill cards a hassle? If your answer is 'Yes', you should consider the Value Plan. It allows you to forget about whether or not you need a new refill card, or if you are almost out of service days because it does it automatically!

Am I fairly consistent in my cell phone usage? If your answer is 'Yes', you should consider the Value Plan. It gives you a consistent number of minutes each month to use. If you tend to use your phone very sporadically, such as a lot one month, but none at all the next, buying prepaid cards might be better, because it allows you to purchase the amount of minutes you think you will need.

Is finding the absolute cheapest prepaid cell phone plan, and using Tracfone Promo Codes important? If you like to get the best value for your money, buying the 1 year/400 minutes card and using a promo code might give you the cheapest deal for a year of service. But the value plan is also a very good deal, and can save you money if you usually buy a 60 or 120 minute card.

The value plan from Tracfone is a great solution to avoiding any hassle from keeping track of service days and buying new prepaid cards.

If you have further questions, you can ask them below. The value plan might not work for everyone, but it is a great deal, and can save you time and money every month.

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