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Tracfone Review - Alcatel A382G 'The Big Easy' Prepaid Phone

A Big Button Phone from Tracfone that is Simple and Easy to Use

Are you tired of touchscreens, flip phones or small keys? Are you looking for a simple phone that does calling and texting? Or maybe you just need a backup phone that will be easy to learn to use?

For a lot of people, the Alcatel A382G Tracfone prepaid phone is the answer.

It gives the user all the basic functions a cell phone needs, without adding extra features. buttons, or screens that can get confusing and in the way.

Features and Specs for the Alcatel A382G

This phone provides several good features that increase its usefulness, without making it more complicated. Here is the full list of features and specifications for the Alcatel A382G.
Alcatel A382G prepaid cell phone review
The Alcatel A382G

  • Big Buttons with Lighted Keypad
  • Larger Font Size
  • Built-in Flashlight
  • Caller ID, Call Waiting, Voicemail
  • Hands Free Speaker
  • FM Radio
  • Background Noise Reducer for Call Clarity
  • Alarm Clock
  • Hearing Aid Compatible
  • 1000 Entry Phone Book
  • Double Minutes for Life
  • Long Battery Life - 16 Days on Standby
  • Weight: 4 oz.

Overview of the Alcatel A382G

This phone is made for simplicity and convenience in mind with its large buttons, long battery life and basic features. Let's look at some of the features in more detail to better understand this phone.

Big Buttons and Larger Font Size
The Big keys and font size makes it easier to not only see and read what you are looking at, but also to actually make punching in numbers less cumbersome for those who find small keys difficult to use. 

Even at night, the phone continues to be easy to use with a lighted keypad. Also included with the phone is a built in flashlight, giving this phone multiple uses! 

Long Battery Life
The battery on this Alcatel A382G is expected to last up to 16 days on standby, which is very impressive for a cell phone. Many smartphones only last a day or two before requiring a charge.

A long battery like makes this phone this phone useful not only to people who may forget to charge their phone, but also for anyone looking for a backup phone. 

Double Minutes for Life
While some newer Tracfone cell phones now come with Triple Minutes for Life, such as the Samsung S425G, the Alcatel A382G comes with Double Minutes for Life which is still a great deal. What this means is that for every minute you buy and add, you will get another minute for free! 

So if you buy a 60 minute refill card and add it to the phone, you will get 120 minutes total airtime! 

Final Thoughts on the Alcatel A382G

The Alcatel A382G is a phone made for people who want a basic cell phone that can keep them in contact with friends and family. It does simple tasks well, such as calling and texting.

Alcatel A382G prepaid cell phone
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It is a very basic phone, and if you are looking for a fun feature-filled phone, this may not be the phone for you. 

The only drawback for this phone may be that it does not come with a user manual, but we have found a pretty good walk through of many of the features on this phone. Visit the Alcatel A382G Tutorial to learn more about using this phone.

Overall, the Alcatel A382G is a good option when considering simple prepaid cell phones. It makes communication easier for more people. But if you are looking for a phone with more features, consider some of the newer phones from Tracfone on our Cell Phone Reviews page.

The Alcatel A382G typically sells for around $30, but is often on sale on Amazon for $19.

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