Minggu, 21 September 2014

iPhone 6, First Review

I want to start this by saying, I was and still am, extremely happy with my iPhone 5S.  It was a bit thinner, and longer than the 4S that I had used for two years, had better battery life, better camera, and a slew of other features that made it much better experience than the 4S.  Since June, I've been looking forward to getting the 6, but given that I had been testing iOS 8 for months, wasn't all that excited, until it arrived.  I was a bit concerned that the size increase would make it uncomfortable to hold and use with one hand, but the concern quickly disappeared!

As you can see above, the 6 has quite a size advantage over the 5S.  Yet as you can see below, still fits easily into the palm of your hand, as is still completely usable with one hand.  

What thoroughly impressed me, was the sheer thinness of the iPhone 6 (below).  I'm not sure why I was surprised, as Apple has made nice advances with each prior iPhone.  With the 6, however the advances are far superior than any previous iPhone.  

Sure the internals all were upgraded, new processor, better camera, better wi-fi antenna, better battery etc, etc, etc.  The thinness and size are two of the things that make this iPhone the best yet.  To be fair, I have not tested or tried the 6 Plus, so I can't speak to it just yet.  

From the moment I started using the 6, I was impressed.  I loaded it from my last iPhone 5S backup, so my apps, and content were available almost instantly.  As the apps began to update for iOS 8, they began to support the larger screen size of the 6, which made them all that much better.  

With each iPhone release comes a new operating system.  When I began testing iOS 8 since early June, there didn't seem to be a great difference from iOS 7.  Once I started using the iPhone 6, the new features seem to come to life.  From the new Speak Screen setting, to the new Handoff feature, to the ability to enlarge your whole screen using the new Zoomed Feature (and those and just 3 of the hundreds of new features), everything just worked better on the new iPhone.

Speak Screen let's your iPhone talk and tell you exactly what's on your screen (whatever app you may be in).

Handoff let's you start something on one device and continue on any of your other devices using the same iCloud account.  

This is the standard display, below is the new Zoomed display option, which you can see makes everything bigger and easier to see.

There is  so much more to cover, but I wanted to get a quick review out for those of you wondering if you should upgrade or not.  If you are on the fence, let me be the one to push you over.  The iPhone 6 is not only well worth the upgrade, but it is simply the best iPhone to date!

I will have more to write in the coming weeks.  If you've upgraded, or newly purchased the iPhone 6, I'd love to hear from you regarding what you like, and even what you don't!

Until next time...best to you and your devices!

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