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Great iPhone and iPad devices

Not to be outdone by our sister post, the February App of the week, here comes the February Device of the week blog post.  February's devices covered a couple of different areas.  There were two devices that helped you keep track of things, Tile and the Tagg Pet Tracker.  There was what I consider may be the Device of the year, the Lacie Fuel which provides much needed storage wirelessly to your iOS devices (and computers too!).  Then finally there was the Jawbone UP, a great tool to help you keep up with your sleeping, eating and overall health.

Now my first device, the Tile, is not out yet, however it's completely SOLD OUT it's pre-orders.  To the point where close to 50,000 Tile's have been pre-ordered to date!  Not bad.  So what is Tile?  Let's find out...

Tile is a tiny square device that attaches to stuff you don't want to loose.  Could be a piece of luggage, a child's back-pack, a set of keys.  Here's what it look like.  In the screen capture below, it's attached to a keyring.  So you can see, the device is quite small.

The Tile App lets you find your Tile(s) anywhere they may be.  You can have up to 10 Tiles on one account, and you can share access to your Tiles with friend or family members.  If triggered, an alert is sounded.  If you can hear the alert, you can find the Tile.  Another cool feature, your Tile App remembers where it last saw the Tile, which should help you find it if you can't remember where you left it...

Some other cool features:  The App lets you know when you are getting "warmer" to your Tile.  There are no batteries needed, the Tile lasts 1 year, and  you'll get a reminder when it's time to order your new Tile.  For more info, or to order your Tile device, head over to

Keeping with the previous theme of helping you find things, the next App I want to highlight is the Tagg Pet Tracker.   The Tagg system is very cool.  It lets you to track your pets location and activity from your computer and you iOS device as well.  Your can see where your dog is, and monitor it's activity levels as well.  The tracker is lightweight, and it easily attaches to your pets collar, and if your dog swims, it can even be worn while swimming...Nice!  The tracker basically turns your pets collar into a GPS device, awesome!
For additional information, or to purchase this great device for your pet, head on over to

Ok, switching gears from our tracking devices, here is a device that I'm nominating for Device of the Year.  The Lacie Fuel.

Ok, so what is the LaCie Fuel?  It's a 1TB (that's 1 TerraByte, or 1000 giga bytes) of wireless storage!  Now, I know what you are thinking, it's a 1TB hard drive, right.  So what's so special about this one, there are plenty of 1TB hard drive out there, right?  Well Yes, there are plenty of 1TB hard drives available, but how many of them have wireless capability, and how many of them connect to your iOS device??  As far as I know, this is the first, and coming from LaCie, a company that makes some of the best external drives available, that makes it awesome!  You can share the Fuel with up to 5 devices, at once! It even works with the AppleTV.  How does it work?  The Fuel creates it's own wi-fi network!  Get this, you can stream HD movies to three devices at once!!  How awesome for a family vacation!  You'll also download the Seagate media app to all the devices that you wish to access the Fuel.  

This is just tremendous!  It turns your 16GB iOS device into a 1TB iOS device.  
The Fuel cost $199, consider it priceless for the extra storage it gives your iOS devices.

Ok, wrapping up my February devices, the Jawbone Up.  

The Up is way more than a device, it's a personal health tracking system.  The Up has a companion iOS app that syncs what the Up captures, and displays for you.  So what exactly does the Up track you ask?  Many things...:).  For one, it tracks your sleep.  You set up your sleep goals, and the Up then tracks how long you slept, how long you were in light sleep, deep sleep, how long it took you to fall asleep, and even if you woke up!  How cool is that?!?

You can also set goals for your steps during the day (my goal is 10,000).  The Up tracks your steps, then you can sync the Up to your iOS device to enter your steps.  I Sync my Up periodically through the day.  Some people sync once a day, it's totally up to you!

The most challenging part of the Up system is tracking your eating.  The device won't do that for you, that is a manual process, but with the App, you can scan in your food and it captures all the information about what you just ate!  So if you are looking for a way to help yourself keep track of your health, check out the UP.  I've been using it since Valentines day, and I love it.  It's helped me monitor things I never thought of, and can help you as well!

Ok, there's your more in depth breakdown of the February Device of the week postings.  I hope you've found the breakdown helpful, and I hope you check the devices out.

Until next time, best to you and your devices!

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