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How To Get a Cell Phone Fast - Burn Phones

Need a Cell Phone in a Hurry? Learn How to get a Phone Fast

tracfone prepaid cheap cell phones burn phones
This is not what 'Burn Phone'
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Perhaps you lost your phone and need a quick replacement, or maybe you just need a cell phone
for a short visit in the country, or perhaps you are engaged in nefarious activities... No matter what the reason, sometimes it would be nice to be able to get a cell phone fast and cheap - so here is how to do that!

Burn phones are simple, cheap cell phones that are inexpensive to buy, and easy to set up and use. Tracfone is a cell phone company that sells prepaid cell phones with a range of prices, including some very cheap options.

So lets look at some good burn phones from Tracfone.

Tracfone Prepaid Burn Phones - Best Cheap Phones

Here are some options from Tracfone for inexpensive cell phones that can be purchased and used without much expense.

LG 440G - A flip phone with all the basic cell phone features including a camera and mobile web. Read our full LG 440G review for more info. This phone usually retails for only $19 in stores like Walmart and Target, but it can be found on sale for $10 on Amazon.

samsung tracfone burn phones prepaid
Samsung S125G
Samsung S125G - This candy bar phone comes with a nice LCD display and everything else you would expect for a simple cell phone. The best part about this phone is it usually retails for $10-$15 in stores and online at Amazon, so you can get it at a good price no matter where you shop.

LG 500G - A QWERTY keyboard phone that is a little more expensive, around $20, but is a good choice if you plan to text. The QWERTY keyboard is easy to use, and makes texting faster. Read our full LG 500G review to learn more about this phone. It also comes with camera, and other common cell phone features. Last check it was on sale on Amazon for $15.

Other Phones - If you are in need of a phone in a hurry, and don't care too much what it is, look for Tracfone cell phones in most big retail stores and find the cheapest option they have. Usually Walmart or Target will have a Tracfone for less than $20, which should work as a burn phone.

After finding a burn phone, time to get it set up to use it.

How to Start Using your Tracfone Burn Phone

prepaid burn phone tracfone lg 500g
LG 500G
Setting up a Tracfone prepaid cell phone is very easy. You only need the cell phone package to start with, you don't have to buy minutes for it to work. You will also need internet access, or another phone.

Open the plastic package the phone came in, and follow the simple steps on the activation card. This includes charging the cell phone and activating the phone at tracfone.com, or by calling customer service. Activation usually takes an hour or less, and then you are ready to start using your phone!

Tracfone prepaid cell phones come with 20 unites and 30 days of service. So there is no need to buy a minutes card until you need it.

And that is how you get a prepaid burn phone. To recap, here are the steps briefly outlined:

Getting a Burn Phone - Recap

1. Buy a Cheap Tracfone Cell Phone - either in store or online
2. Activate it - either online or by telephone
3 Start using your new burn phone - may need to wait for the phone to charge first

leave a comment with thoughts or questions, and also check out more Tracfone cell phones on our Phone Reviews page

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