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Gift Ideas for Teenagers - Prepaid Cell Phone

Christmas and Birthday Gift Idea - Tracfone Prepaid Cell Phone

While many teenagers might already have a cell phone, those that don't (and even 11 and 12 year old's) really want one.

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Cell phones give a sense of freedom for teenagers. It also makes them feel more grown up because they are responsible for the phone.

Many parents face a problem; contract cell phones are expensive, and if the teenager somehow breaks or looses their phone, the parents are often stuck spending hundreds of dollars to get a replacement.

While unlimited call, texting, and data is fun, no teenager actually needs an unlimited plan. And while an iPhone or other smartphone is fun to use, few teenagers even need that.

Which is where prepaid cell phones become an inexpensive, and beneficial option.

Prepaid Cell Phone's have Several Great Benefits:

Giving a prepaid cell phone as a gift for a teenagers first phone has several valuable life lessons which many parents might not think of.

It teaches kids to manage prepaid minutes, be more responsible, and it is inexpensive.

A Prepaid Cell Phone Teaches Management Skills

With Tracfone, you buy minutes for the phone using minutes cards. The phone then has a certain number of minutes remaining on it.

As the teenager uses the phone for calling and texting, the balance of minutes will slowly be reduced. If the teenager calls all of his or her friends in the first few days of owning the cell phone, then the phone will likely run out of minutes very quickly.

This is where the learning happens. The teenager must learn to manage the minutes remaining on the cell phone, or be willing to buy extra minutes.

This management skill quickly transfers to managing money because it is the same principle. If the teenager gets $50 in their bank account for the month, but uses it all in the first few days then they will have to find a way to make more money, or just suffer being penniless for the rest of the month.

Cell Phones Teach Responsibility

When a teenager owns a cell phone, it teaches them to be responsible for it. They must make sure not to lose it, not to break it or drop it. If something happens to the phone, they must know it is up to them to fix the phone or get a new one.

Cell phones also tend to make a young kid feel older because they recognize the extra responsibility they are receiving when given a cell phone.

Prepaid Cell Phones are very Inexpensive

The final benefit of giving a prepaid cell phone as a gift to teenagers is that it is very inexpensive compared to other cell phone companies.

A good Tracfone cell phone is $10-$30 and available at many stores. Enough minutes to last a month can be purchased for $20 in store, or even online.

It can cost as little as $10 a month to own and sue a prepaid cell phone. And the great thing is, if more minutes are used, one can simply buy another minutes card.

Conclusion - A Great Gift Idea for Teenagers, or Anyone Else

Obviously contract cell phones have certain benefits for those who use their phone often or want certain features. But a prepaid cell phone makes a perfect gift for a young teenager, or anyone who doesn't have a cell phone.

It will teach them several valuable skills and help them stay connected with friends and family.

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