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Cheapest Prepaid Cell Phone from Tracfone

What is the Cheapest Cell Phone Plan?

Many people need a simple cell phone that can do basic calling and texting without the high price of the major cell phone carriers of AT&T, Verizon and Sprint.

There are many different options for choosing a cheap cell phone plan, and a few different factors one should  be familier with.

Questions to ask When Buying the Cheapest Cell Phone Plan:

  • How much talk/text do you need?
  • Do you want any extra features like internet access or phone book.
  • Do you want the cheapest phone, or good value for your money?

How Much Talk Time and Texting do you Need?

This is an important question to ask, how many minutes do you need each month? If you don't plan to use your phone very much; a few texts and phone calls a week, then the cheapest plan could be right for you.

Cheap Cell Phones Are Available, but Which One?
But if you want to make several longer calls a month, and 100 or more texts a month, then consider looking for the ability to buy minutes as you go or from a minutes card.

Tracfone sells minutes cards that range from 60 to 450 minutes for 3 months of service. This allows you to buy more or less minutes depending on how many you use in three months.

Also included on most Tracfone prepaid cell phones are double minutes for life, which doubles all minutes you add to the phone!

So if you add the 60 minute card, you will get 120 minutes total!

An average cell phone user who makes several phone calls a week will need about 100 minutes a month. A 120 minute prepaid minutes card ($30) from Tracfone with Double Minutes for Life, will provide 240 minutes every 3 months. If you add a promo code, you can get an extra 30-60 bonus minutes.

Check out our free promo codes to get bonus minutes every time you add a new minutes card!

This is the cheapest cell phone plan that Tracfone Reviewer has found, at about $10 or less a month. Obviously, if you use the phone only as a backup, you can get the 60 minute card and save even more.

Do You Want Extra Features on your Prepaid Cell Phone?

Do you want a plain flip phone that is bare bones or something with a few features to make using the cell phone easier?

If you are just looking for a prepaid cell phone that will be a backup phone or emergency phone, than the cheapest cell phone will be best for you. 

Tracfone sells several phones for $10 that have text messaging, simple features like a phone book and even cameras. But they won't have many features, and will look like a phone from 10 years ago.

But, for another $20, one can find several different cheap cell phones that have a variety of features. The LG 500G (Usually $30, sometimes on sale for $20 or less!) Has voice recording, MP3 playback, video and camera functions.

 Read the full review of the LG 500G to learn more about all the features.

Tracfone Reviewer suggest spending a little extra to get a better phone. We have found that while the cheapest cell phones are adequate for a backup phone, a better phone will make life much easier and at only $10 to $20 more, you can have a faster, newer phone.

Also be sure that whatever Tracfone you choose has Double Minutes for Life (which most do).

Do You Want the Cheapest Cell Phone, or a Good Value Cell Phone Plan?

Many people think they want to get just the cheapest cell phone plan they can find, but this has serious drawbacks.

Tracfone Reviewer has found that there are several different cheap cell phones and plans that are also a good value for your money.

Tracfone prepaid cell phones can be the cheapest cell phone option if used only a few times a month. The price per month will be less than $10 for service and minutes.

If you want to use your prepaid cell phone a little more often, but still want to keep prices low, a nice phone can be purchased for $30 or less and a 120 minute card with 3 months of service will average out to about $20 for the first three months, and $10 after that.

Consider the Tracfone Family Value plan (and read our review of it) where you can add several phone onto one plan, with the first phone costing $10 a month for 50 minutes, and all additional phones costing $6 per month for 40 minutes. All minutes are automatically added each month, and if you have a phone with double or triple minutes, then you get 100 to 150 minutes!

There are cheap cell phone plans available, and almost anyone can afford $10 a month especially for the security and comfort a cell phone can offer.

Got Questions? Leave a comment!

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